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  • How do I book a lesson?
    Contact us via E-mail, phone, text, or through to set up your next lesson and start Going Low!
  • Do I need my own clubs?
    No. While we recommend bringing your own clubs if you have them, we can provide clubs for you if you do not have any yet.
  • What Launch Monitor/Simulator do you use? And is it accurate?
    We use aboutGOLF launch monitors and simulator software. They are extremely accurate. Distance is generally within 5 yards of your normal distance (longer for faster swing speeds, shorter for slower swing speeds).
  • Do you teach all skill levels/ages?
    Yes! We teach students of any skill level or age. We generally recommend starting at age 3, but if you feel your child is ready to start younger, we can start before then.
  • Do you do group lessons or clinics?
    Yes! Group lessons are available upon request. Beginner Clinics, as well as our Junior Program run from November-June.
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